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We have five factories across India, with state-of-the-art technology for production

TNC Rotomolding


The TNC  Rotomolding Machine is ideal for the production of multi-layer parts in a closed oven. State-of-the-art technology, full automation, high productivity, process control and standardization. With high technology and automation, the TNC machine is designed to operate without interference from the operator with the mold and/or the raw material, ensuring greater safety and economy, reducing the number of operators and time per cycle.

Shuttle Rotomolding

Innovation at it's best

Shuttle Rotomolding is one of the best in class technology out in the market.  International Machines & software used For Quality Control In Collaboration With Roto Solutions South Africa | 100% Eco-Friendly, Excellent Performance Through Massive Reduction Of Bod | P4 Comes With An IRR Technology, The First In India. This Concept Reflects The Heat Of The Sun And Keeps Water Cool Even At 48°C Temperature.

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