ProductService Warranty**
Water Tank- 2 & 3 Layered 5 Years (1st Year Replacement Policy*, Then Service Policy)
Water Tank- 3 Layered & Roto 5 Years (1st Year Replacement Policy*, Then Service Policy)
Water Tank- 4 Layered (Polyfoam, P4 & International Products) 13 Years (1st 3 Years Insurance *)
P5 Sandwich, P6, P7, P8 International & P4 International (Premium) 15 Years (1st 3 Years Insurance *)
Big Size Storage Tank (>1500 Ltrs.) 1 Year*
Tank Lid & Loft Tank 1 Year*
Septic & Underground Tank 1 Year*

**Conditions Apply

What is a Warranty?

A warranty is a product manufacturer or service provider’s documented guarantee of quality as promised to a customer. Warranties commonly cover defects in workmanship but may also cover physical abuse, support service for products. A legal agreement, either written or oral (an expressed one) or implied through the actions of the buyer and seller (an implied one), which states that the goods or property in question will be in exactly the same state as promised, such as in a sale of an item or piece of real estate.

What is the difference between warranty and guarantee?



Guarantee and warranty are very loosely used term in general. Both the terms differ a lot when analyzed. Both the terms provide consumer the right to claim benefits in case of defective product or services by a supplier.

A warranty on a product means that in case of any fault in the product the company will get repair service or replacement of the part if necessary, but will not replace your complete product. Only the faulty part is repaired or replaced. It  is also conditional. If the problem in product arises due to misuse by the user then that product goes out of warranty.

Guarantee means in case of any faults, the entire product gets a replacement and no repair or modification will be done in that tenure. If the product does not perform according to the set standards as claimed by the manufacturer, then the customer can claim the refund for the product or the product can be replaced for a new one.

P4 provides warranty on every roto-mold tank. So you can be assured of the quality of the product that what you are getting.

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